Light’s Out Nest Sponsorships

                   Neighbors Ensuring Sea Turtle Safety


Lights Out Sea Turtles Dig the Dark 

 Our beaches have evolved from naturally dark moon and starlit ecosystems to populated communities lined with brightly lit homes, businesses, condos and hotels.

In present times, many coastal area are highly populated. There are many artificial lights near the beach that can deter nesting females from coming ashore or once on the beach fail to nest(false crawl) and disorient hatchlings.  When disoriented, baby sea turtles travel inland, toward artificial lights, they often die from dehydration, are preyed upon by fire ants, fox, ghost crabs or other predators and sometimes crawl into the road where they are run over by traffic or accidentally stepped people. Sadly, on OIB we lose hatchlings each year due to disorientation.

We are proud to announce our “Lights Out Sea Turtles Dig the Dark” initiative. We will be working with homeowners, condo owners/associations, property owners associations, hotels and businesses to reduce the amount bright lights that can be seen from the beach.  This voluntary participation will include replacing light fixtures and light bulbs with a sea turtle safer option. To fund this effort, are offering an additional sponsorship at each nest.

                                 The new sponsorship

This sponsorship is a nonrefundable donation of $100.  It will include a sign placed at a nest on OIB, a certificate of appreciation and sponsor name listed below.  Each nest will have up to two sponsors.  A sign will proudly display the sponsor name and “Lights Out” logo.  The funds raised by this initiative will be used to purchase light fixtures, light bulbs, educational materials and other materials for this effort. Unlike a nest sponsorship, it does not include naming the nest.

If you are interested in becoming a Lights Out Sponsor,

please mail $100 a check to

OIBSTPO     P.O. Box 6524    Ocean Isle Beach, NC 2846

for additional information, please email