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vlcsnap-2012-09-25-21h26m15s161The Ocean Isle Beach Sea Turtle Protection Organization will provide, through appropriate management activities and education, a safe and protected environment for all sea turtles that frequent the island of Ocean Isle Beach.


Striving for a suitable habitat for sea turtles, people, the?? ecosystem of Ocean Isle Beach and the surrounding waters.

?The Ocean Isle Beach Sea Turtle Protection Organization is an independent division of the Ocean Isle Museum Foundation, Inc.

Jim and Deb Boyce, Island Coordinators are licensed by the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, and Assistant Island Coordinator Deb Allen work with a team of approximately 100 volunteer Field Scientists in a year-round effort to protect sea turtles. Volunteers are trained to be Field Scientists and are especially active between May and late September, when female sea turtles dig their nests and lay their eggs. In addition to identifying and marking nests on Ocean Isle Beach, we also protect hatchlings from predators, transport sick and injured sea turtles to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at Topsail Island, and educate the public about these amazing creatures.


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  1. Jackie Wright says:

    2016 we experienced a nest hatching. I was completely amazed and have every intention of being there for as many as I can for the rest of my life. I am hooked now.

  2. Alec Wessell says:

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    • dboyce says:

      Alec; so sorry for the very late response to your request; however, we would not be interested this year. Thank you so much for reaching out to us; maybe next time. Regards, Deb Boyce

  3. Penny Davis says:

    Our family will be arriving for a week at Sunset Beach this Saturday, May 20, 2017. We have children ages 3-14 with us. Is there anything going on with the turtles next week that would be of interest to these youngsters? I have read about the rehabilitation center in Surf City. How far is that from Sunset Beach?

    • dboyce says:

      The turtle hospital is approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hrs. from Sunset Beach but well worth the trip. Nesting season is in full swing now so if you are walking the beach in the evening or overnight you may come across a nesting sea turtle. If you do, please stay back, quiet and turn off any flashlights so that you do not spook her. Enjoy your vacation.

  4. J anders says:

    Do you do “turtle walks” along the beach at night?

    Thank you

    • dboyce says:

      No. We do “turtle Talks” at the Community Center, 44 E. 1st St., OIB, on Tuesday nights at 7:00 or3:30 p.m. at the Museum of Coastal Carolina each Monday. Once the nests begin into the “hatching stage”, anyone is welcome to visit those nests and watch and learn all about the process.

  5. Phillip says:


    My family and I will be visiting from July 8 through July 15. Wondering if the nesting season is over? And when the baby turtles will be hatching?

    • dboyce says:

      Phillip; Thank you for your email. We are right in the midst of nesting season, had our 11th nest laid this morning. There is a good possibility that you might see turtles hatching while you are visiting OIB. Our first nest is expected to be in the hatching window around July 4th. Keep an eye on our website – 2017 Nesting Season – and watch for any of the nests to be in the “Watching or Active” stage. Those will be the nests most likely to be hatching during your visit.
      Deb Boyce

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