NEST Names 2021

Due to NC Wildlife Covid-19 guidelines, we are unable to post nest activity. We hope you understand as we continue to navigate through this pandemic.

nest #nest namesponsored by 
2Goode Luck!Bill & Ruth Goode
3Little Lulu’s LeatherbacksThe Allocco Family
4Nana Turtlely Loves Her Grandkids – Bay, Ally & MisaDiane Honeycutt
5Sponsored by Harry, Meredith, and Alaina Thompson 
6Six CousinsTom & Virginia Wolfe
7Mimi’s CubbiesMarsha Kelly
8Jacob’s Shore ThingSteve & Julie Kinner
9Mamaw’s Tiny Turtles. In Memory of Sharon K. Campbell, Roanoke, VA. Loved & Missed by the Langford, Hennis, Sprouse and Routt Families
10Hope & John’s Turtles. In Honor of Hope & John Schneider & their 8 Grandchildren – Elise, Marie, Natalie, Brian, Hayley, Braden, Zachary & JanieNo sponsor indicated (check from Heather Arnold)
11Re & Sonny’s Happy Hatchlings; In Honor of Pam & Frank BahnsonNo sponsor indicated (check from Sarah Chapman)
12Hoosier HatchlingsLeininger, Zickgraf, Jines & Porter Families
13In Memory of Linda AnnDeb and Fulton Allen
14Hannah & Liam’s Birthday NestFrom the Brause, Foster & Hafker Families
15Surface IntervalSteve Cason & Stacy Dedinas
16In Memory of Shawn Yoho – Live With No Regretsthe Pitts Family
17Cooks Caretta Caretta ClutchKristin Sandoval
18Kyle and Connor’s CrittersGrampy + Mimi Pratt
19Shore Beats WorkRich and Lori Wilson
20Trust the JourneyThe Thomas Family
21Safe TravelsBobby & Becky Clutts
22In Loving Memory of Scott ErlandsonErlandson Family
23Grandma’s Little Hatchlings – Addlee, Acelynn, Zoey and BrockAnn Wagner & Gary Wenrick
24In Memory of Declan William BroughtGarrett and Danielle Brought Gary Wenrick and Ann Wagner
25Carter’s Par-Tee TurtlesCortazzo and Flickinger Families
26The Roseman Family – Darwin, Debbie, Chris, Nicole, Devyn, Megan, Jeff, Kate and Kenleysame
27Low Country Boilthe Tortorici/Miskell Family
28OhanaThe Nagowski/Bittner Family
29Pops Beach Pop & Nene Moorcones
30Grammy’s Hatchlings #3Courtney Kids
31Ingrid & Brian MunleyAllie Kate & Cole
32Grammie’s Hidden TreasuresThe Graham Family
33In Honor of Nina, Kaitlyn and RobinRita and Scott Chapman
34In Honor of Celia & Brian SmithHayden, Grant and Tristan
35You’re Turtle-y the Best Frank & Suzanne Yarborofrom Gordon & Savi
36In Honor of Art & Donna Breitensteina gift  given by John, Heidi, Grayson, Taylor Horn and Elissa Breitenstein

Should be lucky enough to have additional nests, we will re-open the adoptions. Thank you all for your support.

Due to NC Wildlife Covid-19 Guidelines, we are unable to post nest activity. We hope you understand as we work diligently to save sea turtles and protect our volunteers and visitors during this pandemic.