2019 Nests

Nest Sponsorships now open and are available on a first come first serve basis.  Sponsorships are $100 per nest.  A sign with the nest name you select will be placed at the nest as soon as it is verified. We will mail you a certificate of a sponsorship when your donation arrives and letter of confirmation as soon as the nest is verified.

Please mail your check to

OIBSTPO P.O. Box 6524  Ocean Ilse Beach, NC 28469


We have Lights Out Nest Sponsorships Available!

 details are available at the below link

Light’s Out Nest Sponsorships

We appreciate your patience in July, August and September as our focus will be protecting sea turtles on OIB. Updates to this page may be delayed during the most active days each month.

Just as expectant mothers, hatchlings emergence date is an estimate. Sometimes, the hatchlings emerge and race to the water in minutes. Other times, it takes hours for them to make it to the water.



LAID- verified nest.

WATCHING -within estimated hatching window but hatchlings have not emerged from the nest.

EMERGED – While not in real time- hatchlings have been reported to emerge from the nest.  Our teams will continue carefully monitor the nest.

CLOSED- Nest contents have been inventoried and removed from the beach.

Below is the most up to date information for on nests on OIB. During nesting season, we do our best to update this page as soon as possible. We hope you understand our focus will be protecting sea turtles and this may cause updates to be delayed.


Nest # Nest Name Sponsor Address Status
1 Oceans Massage and Skin Care Cindy Erhardt

Desert Stretch

303 W 1st Street

Closed 106 hatchlings
2 In Memory of Samuel Nelson Read Emily Read 172 E 1st Street WATCHING

The Lecchini Loggerheads

Allocco Family 158E 1st Street WATCHING
4 Nana Turtley Loves Her Grandchildren- Bay, Ally and Misa Diane Honeycutt 86 E 1st Street WATCHING
5 Grammy’s Hatchlings Kelly Courtney 239 W 1st Street WATCHING
6 Surface Interval Steve Cason & Stacy Dedinas 63 Ocean Isle West ACTIVE
7 Wolfe Family’s 5 Cousins Ginny & Tom Wolfe 69W 1St Street    LAID
8 8 is Great! In honor of Hope & John Schneider’s 50th Anniversary and their 8 grandchildren: Elise, Natalie, Braden, Marie, Brian, Janie, Hayley and Zachary  Heather Arnold Desert Stretch LAID
9 Re and Sonny’s Happy Hatchlings In Honor of my parents Pam and Frank Bahnson 274E 1st Street LAID
10 Bill’s Nest The Maguire’s and Breightenstein’s 126 E 1st Street LAID
11 nid d’Boulanger In Honor of Phil Baker’s Birthday 357 W 1St Street LAID
12 Hoosier Hatchlings Leininger, Zickgraf, Jines & Porter Families 210 E 1st Street LAID
13 In Memory of Linda Ann Deb and Fulton Allen 216 E 1st Street LAID
14 Safe Travels Bobby and Becky Clutts 208 E 1St Street LAID
15 Mamaw’s Tiny Turtles- In Memory of Sharon Campbell of Roanoke, VA Love, the Langford, Hennis, Sprouse and Routt Families 101 W 1st Street LAID
16 “Live with No Regrets” in memory of Shawn Yoho Jeff, Melissa, Hannah and Josh Pitts Desert Stretch LAID
17 In Memory of Pop Peter and Ginny Maguire 82 E 1st Street LAID
18 The Beardslee Family William & Catherine Beardslee 85 W 1st Street LAID
19 Jasper’s Splashers Larry and Carol Fields 251 W 1st Street LAID
20 Bishop-Bradford Beach Bums Bishop and Bradford Families 275 W 1st Street LAID
21 West Second Wave Runners The Welborn’s- Dax, Amos, Addison, Mack and Brooks 245 W 1st Street LAID
22 Tower Hill Tots Tower Hill School 94 E 1st Street LAID

The Rausch House- in Loving Memory of Joe Rausch

Beth & Simon, John & Pam, Gail & Jim 194 E 1st Street LAID
24 Sand Dwellers Babies Candice L DoEpp 296 E 1st Street LAID

“Breakers or Bust! P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney”

Sam Reynolds 381 W 1st Street LAID
26 Opie’s Baby Sea Turtles Randy and Linda Becker 64 E 1st Street LAID
27 Brody’s Beach Buddies The Cortazzo and Slickinger Families

Desert Stretch Jan St Beach access- walk east

28 The Winds Resort The Winds Resort 214 E 1st Street LAID
29 Making Tracks to the Sea Gommel, Moretz & Spratt Families 275 W 1st street LAID
30 Mommy’s Munkins Mark Heleen 83 W 1st Street LAID
31 Congratulations Chelsea and Walt The Flieger Family 87 W 1st Street LAID
32 Enchanted Childhood Sea Sisters The Kiser-White Family 209 W 1st Street LAID

Celebrating Future Scientists Cheyenne and Bristol

Mary and John Ludlow 221 W 1st Street LAID
34 Amigos Tortuga Tortuga Club 136 E 1st Street LAID
35 Princess Evey’s Sea Babies Grandma and Grampy Woodcock 77 W 1st Street LAID
36 The Rowell Family Nest The Rowell Family 338 E 1st Street LAID
37 The Memory Cottage The Memory Cottage 63 Ocean Isle W LAID

Mimi’s Little Cubbies.  In honor of my grandchildren and in memory of my brother  Joe Williams.

Marsha Kelly 271 W 1St Street LAID
39 da Cousins Kenny Family W 1st Street LAID


The Pounds Baby Turtles Marilyn Pounds 89 W 1st Street LAID

41……….USS Yellowstone……….Bob Pigeon……290 E 1st St…………………………LAID

#42 The Meaning of Life..Tranquility …..Ocean Isle Inn…..284 E 1st Street……LAID

43………Love for Landon ……………….Pam and Steve Pryor……LAID

44……..Midd Kids 2019 ………………………………Arvind Ponnambalan

45……..In Loving Memory of Bevyn and Dede…….Gurlz Gone OIB

46……..Seas the Day………………..Kay Yancey

47……..Kyle’s Kritters……………..Mimi and Grampy

48…..”Brady,Olivia, Amelia, Scarlett & Levi’s Loggerheads”….Tom & Margaret Moureau

49……Heels in the Sand………………………. Smith/Wallace Family