Turtle Response Call 6.2.17

A huge shout out to the guys building a dock off Bertha Road, OIB. We responded to their call of a turtle in distress – wasn’t sure if it was caught in a net, crab trap or what -it kept coming up for air and going back under in the same spot. Thanks to Peter & Ginny M. for bring their boat; Fulton & Carston for jumping with snorkel gear to try to locate it in very murky water. Eventually the turtle broke free of whatever was holding her down and swam away on her own!!! Great news. The dock crew kept their eyes out for her to surface while they diligently continued to work on the dock; Jim B. jumped in with the help of a life jacket from Peter’s boat – Bryan & Ginny maneuvered the boat and with the help of a couple of kayakers were able to keep a pretty good track of the turtle. Deb A., Jordan B., Angie C. and Deb B. came as well to cheer lead and take pictures. The only downside to this story is that while we were trying to help this turtle, we found a very decomposed turtle floating nearby, which we retrieved and took care of. It was a long afternoon but “just another day in the life of a turtle volunteer”.

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