We very excited to welcome interns from North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, New Jersey and Michigan.  Each intern will work with a sponsor from the OIBSTPO to learn about nesting sea turtles, hatchlings and how we protect them at OIB.

Jordan Boles- our college intern from Appalachian State University.





Asela with (sponsor Deb Allen) Hannah







Intern Requirements: College

1) All applicants must complete an OIBSTPO Intern Application, Release of Liability form Submit a reference letter from a teacher, professor from current college or current volunteer organization.

2) Interns must be 18 years of age by the start date of internship.

3) Accommodations including food, lodging and transportation are the sole responsibility of the intern. In addition, lodging must be within 15 minutes of Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

4) Intern course of study for consideration include Marine Science, Aquarium Science, Environmental Science and Animal Science with additional course of studies considered.


Junior Intern Requirements:Middle and High School (age 13-18)


1) Age- Minimum age is 13 and must have successfully completed the 6th grade. Interns will need to provide a copy of their school report card, completed OIBSTPO Application and Release of Liability form.

2) All interns are required to be accompanied by their parent or guardian to all OIBSTPO activities.

3) Accommodations including food, lodging and transportation are the sole? responsibility of the intern and their family or guardian.

Duties: Night and day beach monitoring for new nests, nest disruptions and sea turtles.

Collecting and logging data for sea turtle activity and nests on Ocean Isle Beach.

Night and day monitoring and protection of the nests and hatchlings going to the sea.

Visitor awareness at the Turtle Talks, Friday Night Concerts and on the beach.

OIBSTPO field scientists care for stranded sea turtles and transport them to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital in Surfside, NC

Sea Turtle Festival – July 12th- handing out educational literature, supervising games and ticket booth operations.

Interns are on call 24/7 to respond a turtle on the beach, hatchlings emerging or for a sick or injured turtle on or near Ocean Isle Beach.

Qualified College Interns with will also participate as a driver or rider in morning beach patrol.

For more information please contact-

Debra Allen


OIBSTOP Intern Application