To report an adult sea turtle or hatchling on Ocean Isle Beach please contact us immediately by dialing:

910-231-8539-Jim or 910-231-3139 Deb


 The Ocean Isle Beach Police 910-579-4221

We would like to have as much information as possible: location of turtle on the beach and status of turtle (live, injured, dead). Do not attempt to touch or move the sea turtle as any injuries it may have could be aggravated.

Please do not shine flashlights or take flash photographs on or near a turtle or hatchling  These lights will frighten and can cause harm to the sea turtles eyes.

During summer months, the turtle may be a nesting female. Stay with the turtle, if possible, until someone from the OIB Sea Turtle Protection Organization arrives.

Nesting female loggerhead

You may contact us with any questions, requests, etc. at

Loggerhead hatchlings

 Thank you,

Deb and Jim Boyce
Island Coordinators


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3 Responses to CONTACT

  1. Deb and Jim, It was great meeting you and we are so excited about starting our relationship with this wonderful organization.We would love to adopt a sea turtle nest. Let us know if you still have availability and we will send a check.Thanksso much

    Mona & Randy

  2. Jenny Thompson says:

    Hi. my name is Jenny Thompson & my family and I will be arriving in Ocean Isle the week of Memorial Day & staying thru June 2nd. We were interested in coming to the Sea Turtle Festival. Do you have any information or brochures you could send that would have the dates, time & cost.Any Information would be greatly appreciated. We would enjoy stopping by as a visitor & would love to be part of the hatching of the sea turtle experience .

    • dboyce says:

      Jenny; Thank you for your interest in sea turtles and our program. However, our Sea Turtle Festival is not until July 12 and we have not had any nests laid as of this morning. With this in mind, we probably won’t have any nests ready for hatching until probably mid-July. You can keep up to date with all nesting activity by watching our website – 2017 nesting season. You are welcome to attend our Turtle Talks at the OIB Community Center on Tuesday night while you are here. We will have all types of literature handouts, shirts and other items available. Regards, Deb

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