To report an adult sea turtle or hatchling on Ocean Isle Beach, please contact us immediately by calling our on call volunteer or the Ocean Isle Beach Police. Please only call these numbers for sea turtle emergencies.

Stranding Hot Line 910-880-8715


 The Ocean Isle Beach Police 910-579-4221

We would like to have as much information as possible: location of turtle on the beach and status of turtle (live, injured, dead). Do not attempt to touch or move the sea turtle as any injuries it may have could be aggravated.

Please do not shine flashlights or take flash photographs on or near a turtle or hatchling  These lights will frighten and can cause harm to the sea turtles eyes.

During summer months, the turtle may be a nesting female. Stay with the turtle, if possible, until someone from the OIB Sea Turtle Protection Organization arrives.


Nesting female loggerhead



Loggerhead hatchlings

 Thank you,

Deb and Fulton Allen
Island Coordinators


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