2020 NESTS

Nest Sponsorships

OIBSTPO $125.00

Now OPEN through nest 45.

An endangered species, sea turtles are at risk from many factors, including habitat destruction, entanglement in fishing gear, hunting and egg collection, climate change, pollution and disorientation due to artificial lights. You can help us save sea turtles by sponsoring a nest on Ocean Isle Beach.

Cost is $125 per nest that includes a sign placed at the nest you sponsor. Your sign will proudly display a name in honor, memory, celebration of or in a business name. You will receive a certificate of a sponsorship when your donation arrives and letter of confirming your tax deductible donation.

Lights Out Nest Sponsorships



Coastal lights discourage female turtles from coming ashore to nest. These lights also disorient hatchlings, causing them to crawl inland, away from the ocean. Disoriented hatchlings often die from dehydration, exhaustion, are taken by predators and even run over by passing cars. If they make it to the ocean, they have a lower chance of survival due to energy loss, making it harder to reach important off-shore habitats. Each year, Ocean Isle loses baby sea turtles due to bright lights on homes and businesses that can be seen from the beach. If you can see the lights, so can sea turtles.

Cost is $100 per nest that includes a sign placed at the nest you sponsor. All proceeds will be used to purchase “Lights Out” educational material, sea turtle safe light fixtures and bulbs. Your sponsorship sign will proudly display a name in honor, memory, celebration of or in a business name. You will receive a certificate of a sponsorship when your donation arrives and letter of confirming your tax deductible donation. LIGHTS OUT SPONSORSHIP’S ARE NON REFUNDABLE

Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Hospital

We are proud to support the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Hospital by offering one nest sponsorship at each of our nests on OIB. You can sponsor a nest In Honor, Memory or Celebration of and individual, family, business or organization. A sign will placed at the assigned nest proudly displaying sponsor name as well as the name you select. We will accept 25 sponsorships directed to the sea turtle hospital. Your generous donation will help treat, rehabilitate and release a sea turtle rescued in North Carolina. Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center Sponsorships are non-refundable. 100% of donation will be donated to the center.

If you would like sponsor an OIBSTPO, Lights Out or KBST Hospital nest please mail a check to

OIBSTPO P.O. Box 6524  Ocean Ilse Beach, NC 28469

COVID-19 Protocol

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in the interest of safety of volunteers and the general public, the following actions will be implemented for freshly laid nests, nest sitting, or inventorying a nest. As per the NC Wildlife COVID-19 guidelines, we are not permitted to list sea turtle activity including the address or activity of nests on Ocean Isle Beach and other beaches in North Carolina. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we do our best to protect volunteers and the general public.

1OIBSTPO“The Winds Resort
Guest Services Staff.”
The Winds ResortClosed 67 hatchlings to the water
 Lights OutWaterway Cove HOAWaterway Cove HOA
 KBSTIn Memory of
Volunteers Pietras
2OIBSTPOIn Loving Memory
of Lesli Bush
Your Kemper Family
Closed 82 hatchlings to the water
 Lights OutIn Loving Memory
of Andy Truax
Your Kemper Family
 KBTSIn Honor of OIBHoney Do Handyman
3OIBSTPOKatie’s Kute KrittersThe Allocco FamilyClosed 50 hatchlings
 Lights OutKeep Up the Good Work,
with Love Thanks,
Becky & Bobby Clutts
Becky & Bobby Clutts
 KBSTThe Steve Speece Family The Steve Speece Family
4OIBSTPOSand NestCortazzo & Flickinger FamiliesClosed 124 hatchlings
 Lights OutIn Loving Memory of
 their Great Grandmother
Mary Ann Fritzen
Colin & Clara Cahill
 KBSTHappy 60th KyleAllen, Swayer
5OIBSTPOGrammy’s Hatchlings #2Courtney KidsClosed 66 hatchlings
 Lights OutRowell Family TresauresThe Rowell Family
 KBSTIn Honor of the
Dancing Doc. Emily Read
OIB Family
6OIBSTPONana Turtley Loves Her Grandchildren –
Bay, Ally  and Misa
 Closed 111 hatchlings
 Lights OutIn Honor of
Duke Microbiology
“One Test at a Time”
The Ludlow Family
 KBSTIrish You’d Hatch Soon The Wehunt Sisters
7OIBSTPOMamaw’s Tiny Turtles –
in Memory of
Sharon Campbell
Roanoke, VA
Love the Langford, Hennis, Sprouse,
Routt & Rudolph
Closed 114 hatchlings
 Lights OutSponsored by Harry,
Meredith &
Alaina Thompson
 and Friends
Meredith Thompson
8OIBSTPOIn Honor of Pamela and
Tim Hardy
FriendsClosed 110 hatchlings
 Lights OutIn Memory of
Bob & Dorothy Bowman
Tom & Debbie Bowman
 & Barb Bowman Kuss
9OIBSTPOJessica Knight-AdamsTroy AdamsVerified
 Lights OutJessica Knight-AdamsTroy Adams 
10OIBSTPOBills NestPeter & Ginny MaguireVerified
 Lights OutTower Hill TotsTower Hill School
11OIBSTPOIn Loving Memory
of Mike Joakim
James & Suzanne PolinoClosed 112 hatchlings
 Lights OutIn Loving Memory
of Mike Joakim
James & Suzanne Polino
12OIBSTPOLittle KahunasThe Wissman FamilyVerified
 Lights OutSurface IntervalSteve Cason & Stacy Dedinas 
13OIBSTPOIn Memory of
Linda Ann
Deb & Fulton AllenVerified
 Lights OutIn Memory of
William Witte
John & Tamara Witte 
14OIBSTPOSturges Family ReunionStephen & Julie KinnerVerified
 Lights OutSponsored with Love
by the Beardslee Family
Catherine Beardslee
15OIBSTPOIn Honor of
Zane and Joan Eargle
Joni Nash CaseVerified
 Lights OutJanet & Bob ThomasJanet & Bob Thomas
16OIBSTPOIn Memory of Shawn Yoho –
Live with no Regrets
The Pitts FamilyVerified
 Lights OutIn Memory of
Baby Declan Brought
The Long Family
17OIBSTPOHere’s to Mom & BobThe Flieger FamilyVerified
 Lights OutWith Thanks
The Hardtke Family
Dr. Rellen
 KBST  Available 
18OIBSTPOPops NestPeter & Ginny MaguireVerified
 Lights OutEggscaping CoronaMisKell/Toroici Family
 KBST  Available 
19 Hope and John’sTurtles In Honor of
Hope & John
Schneider and their
8 grandchildren Elise, Marie, Natalie,
Brian, Hayley, Braden, Zachary and Janie
 Lights OutIn Memory of TeeJayAllison
 KBST  Available 
20OIBSTPORe & Sonny’s
Happy Hatchlings
In honor of my parents Pam & Frank Bahnson Verifed
 Lights OutIn Memory of TeeJayAllison
 KBST  Available 
21OIBSTPOIn Honor of Bruce CochraneReed & Lulu King Closed 123 hatchlings
 Lights Out The Turtle Lovers
 in the
  Andy, Deb, Samson, Alena & Cael
22OIBSTPOIn Honor of
Debbie Cochran
Reed & Lulu KingVerified
 Lights OutIn Honor of Skye RocaJulie Roca-Bristowe
OIBSTPO Volunteers
Emily Read
23OIBSTPOIn Memory of
Charlie McElroy
Patricia Heliger Verified
 Lights OutIn Memory of
Charlie McElroy
Patricia Heliger
 KBST  Available 
24OIBSTPOWolfe Family’s 6 CousinsTom & Ginny Wolfe Verified
 Lights OutLibby, Joe, and Disa FortinThe Fortin Family
 KBST  Available 
25OIBSTPOMimi’s Little CubbiesMarsha KellyVerified 
 Lights OutIn Memory of Tommy &
Bonnie Steele
(Papa & Nanny)
Melissa & Matthew
 KBST  Available 
26OIBSTPOHoosier HatchlingsLeininger,  Zickgraf,
Jines & Porter
 Lights OutIn Honor of Pat’s RetirementThe Roush Family
 KBST  Available 
27OIBSTPO Opie’s Baby Turtles The Becker Family Verified
 Lights Out In Honor of Emily Read OIBSTPO
 KBST In Honor of
OIBSTPO Volunteers
 Emily Read
28OIBSTPO Count Our Blessings Richly Blessed Music.
Rich and Barb Kuss,
River Falls, WI
 Lights Out The Yenni Family Recovery Room The Yenni Family
 KBST Available  
29OIBSTPO “Sandy Toes” In Loving Memory
of Sheila Houle
 The Houle FamilyVerified
 Lights Out  TBD Beverly Walton
 KBST  Available 
30OIBSTPO Nana & Pop’s Anniversary Nest Keel Cousin Crew: Colt, Waytt, Gray, Nolan, Walker & KeatonVerified
 Lights OutTalley-Ho The Tally Family
 KBST  Available 
31OIBSTPOLiam’s Birthday Nest The Brause, Foster
and Hafker Families
 Lights OutIn Loving Memory
Edward “Eddie” McNamara
Eddie always had a smile for
everyone and will be missed
by so many-
especially his sister RoseAnn
Gary and Leila Annunziatta
 KBST Available 
32OIBSTPO The Dancing Doc Emily Read The Turtle BabesVerified
 Lights Out Just Keep Swimming The Hauptman Family
 KBST  Available 
33OIBSTPOS3A Sisters Enchanted Childhood Learning Center Verified
 Lights Out  “Kyla Bug” Oma and Opa
 KBST  Available 
34OIBSTPOAria’s Hatchlings The Saffell Family Verified
 Lights Out In Loving Memory of Great Grandma Margaret Rafferty 1917-2017 and Grandpa Larry Rudd 1949-1998Matthew & Thomas Tickerhoff
 KBST  Available 
35OIBSTPO Ohana Kimberly Diedrich Nagowski Verified
 Lights Out The Goode LifeRuth and Bil Goode
 KBST  Available 
36OIBSTPO  Carolina Breezes Great Expectations from the Gommel, Moretz & Spratt FamiliesThe Gommel, Moretz & Spratt families Verified
 Lights OutIn Celebration of Gerald Sevachko Sponsored by
Susan Fraley
 KBST  Available 
37OIBSTPO In Honor of All Sea Turtle Volunteers Connie Willaure Verified
 Lights Out In Celebration of Gerald Sevachko Sponsored by Andre Sevachko
 KBST  Available 
38OIBSTPO  In Loving Memory of Uncle Chuck Misha, Bobby and Josie Vause Verified
 Lights OutIn Honor of Ray & Penny Bertrand. “No One Out Beaches the Bertrands” Sponsored by your family.
 KBST  Available 
39OIBSTPOThree Girls & A BoySimmons FamilyVerified
 Lights Out In Loving Memory of Dr. Paul Hess DRV Glen and Brenda Hess
 KBST  Available 
40OIBSTPO  Bowman Blessed 20/20 Umpires, LLC Tom and Deb Bowman Verified
 Lights Out3 Kind Souls
In Loving Memory of the Mighty MASCI’s & Good-Hearted Grammy!
 The Layman Family
 KBST  Available 
41OIBSTPOK & C’s Kritters Steve and Ellen Pratt Verified
 Lights OutAvailable 
42OIBSTPOThe Gritz Mike & Elette Owen Verified
 Lights OutAvailable 
43OIBSTPOIn Honor of Berger, Jones, Gyer Families Glenn & Debbie Berger Verified
 Lights OutAvailable 
44OIBSTPO“Never Forget” PB PourZ Verified
 Lights OutAvailable 
45OIBSTPOAvailable  Verified
 Lights OutAvailable