2018 Nests

We appreciate your patience in June, July and August as our focus will be protecting sea turtles on OIB. Updates to this page may be delayed during the most active days each month. We will do our best to update this page as quickly as possible.

Status: Laid, Watching (within estimated hatching window), Active (emerging stage), Closed

Nest # Nest Name Sponsor Address Status
1  In honor of Deb and Jim Boyce. Celebrating 20 years of dedication to protecting sea turtles on OIB.  OIBSTPO 272 E 1st Street LAID
2  Oceans Massage and Skin Care  Cindy Erhardt and Shelly Mayo 27 Ocean Isle Blvd West LAID
3 Susie’s Sea Turtles The  Allocco Family 349 W 1st Street- Desert Stretch. LAID
4 YC in NC Mary Kennedy Pritchard 353 W 1st Street LAID
5 Glory  Geri Sargent 212 E 1st Street LAID
6  In memory of Storm, a very special dog.  Larry and Carol Fields 40 E 1st Street LAID
7  5 Cousins (Ella, Emma, Kenzie, Kelly and Owen) that love OIB Tom Wolfe and Kristin Crowly 355 W 1st

Desert Stretch

8 Hoosier Hatchlings  Leininger, Zickgraf, Jines & Porter Families 135 W 1st Street LAID
9  I Turtley        love my Grandchildren-Bay, Ally & Misa “Nana” Diane Honeycutt 89 W 1st Street LAID
10  Ohio/Texas Cousins  Wilma Edwards Family 89 W 1st Street LAID
11  Mar y Sol  The Thomas Family 54 E 1st Street LAID
12 Brother Bill  Peter and Ginny Maguire 95 Ocean Isle West LAID
13 In memory of Linda Ann  Deb and Fulton Allen 135 W 1st Street LAID
14 Sparkling Rainbows  Y-Princesses Raleigh 119 Ocean Isle West LAID
15  Opie’s Baby Turtles  Linda and Randy Becker 460 E 2nd Street LAID
16  Papa’s Pride  Steve and Julie Kinner 378 E 1st Street LAID
17  Honoring the selfless dedication to sea turtles of Peter and Ginny Maguire  Art & Donna Breitenstein 438 E 1st Street LAID
18  Mimi’s Little Cubbies Marsha Kelly 269 W 1st Street LAID
19  Mary’s Memories  Dick & Joanne Vogel
20  “Live With No Regrets” In Memory of Shawn Yoho. The Pitts Family
21  Mamaw’s Turtles in Memory of Sharon Campbell. Roanoke, Va  The Langford, Hennis, Sprouse and Routt Families.
22 Sea Sisters The Kiser-White Family
23  Granna’s Goofballs  The Sylvia/Heleen Family
24  Daddy’s Girls  The Sylvia/Heleen Family
25 West Second Wave Runners Dax, Amos, Addison and Mack Welborn
 26  Makin’ Tracks to the Sea  Carolina Breezes from the Gommel, Moretz & Spratt families.
 27 In celebration of Lila, Christopher, Jack, Annie, Tatum and Charlie The Ratts Nest
 28  Tower Hill School  Tower Hill Tots
 29  In Memory of Samuel Nelson Read Emily Read